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Letters to Songs is a collaborative project, blog, and open space where the feelings and experiences of the pandemic are freely expressed by writing letters. Letters to be transformed into songs. It believes in the restorative, connective, and transformative power of words  and music, and letter writing as a bridge in between. 

Letters to Songs;

  • is a sharing space open to everyone.

  • is open to all kinds of expression forms within a letter such as poetry, photograph, painting, story, sound and image file.

  • makes calls for topics for letters from time to time. Yet it is always possible to contribute one's very own or write within the topics as distance, life, death, home, longing, love, nature, cycle, beginning, time, change, uncertainty, simplification, hope, old age, childhood, dreams, etc. 

  • can be addressed to someone we love, lose, miss or have not known yet, we cannot define, or to something, to our own selves or to the world itself.

So as the letters come together as a collective diary of our times, some of them are transformed into songs by the volunteer songwriters collective of this project. The songs are published by Ada Music and can be found in all digital music platforms. You can also listen to them on our Songs page. 

This project has started with Banu Kanıbelli's invitation on writing letters for songs in Açık Radio program Sahibine Şarkılar (Songs to One’s Own)'s intersection with Eylem Ejder’s writing theatre letters on Mimesis Journal in pandemic days. The project continues its journey, run by two. 

Ekran Resmi 2020-07-29 09.15.53.png
IMG_1326 c.JPG

Musician, educational consultant

Her work is blending psychology, philosophy and music, creatively constructing and performing in the intersection of these fields.  In addition to music writing and singing, her works in educational consultancy and training continue.

All her albums published since 1996 are included in Ada Music portfolio.


Banu Kanıbelli

Eylem Ejder

Writer, critic, theater actress


She works as an author, editor, researcher and critic in Istanbul and occasionally abroad. Currently she is focused on experimental, collective and creative works that try to combine critical and performative writing with different literary and artistic expression fields such as letters, diaries and poems.

She is also working on doctorate in theater.

You can follow us on our website and on our ‘Sahibine Şarkılar’ radio program prepared and presented by Banu Kanıbelli.

Sahibine Şarkılar is broadcast on Açık Radio every Wednesday in two weeks between 19.00-19.30 as part of Açık Dergi program.


For Sahibine Şarkılar Açık Radio Blog and archive, please click

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